Our Mission


A place of connection where I care about you, and you care about me.  We care about our community; no one is left out.


A lifestyle of prayer, praise, gratitude, and awe of the one true God.


An atmosphere of hunger and thirst being met by intentional, passionate teaching of the truth of God’s Word through an ongoing progressive series of life lessons.


Where each person discovers their God-given gifts and talents, develops them, and uses them to serve their family, church, and community.


Our thrust is “Glocal” (global and local).  It takes place when Christ-like lifestyles are lived out before our spheres of influence, our communities, and the world.

Our Vision

Exalt God


Embrace All People


Encourage Growth

Our Core Values

God's Presence
Authority of Scripture
Passionate Prayer
Faithful Giving
Audacious Faith
Family Culture
Holy Spirit Empowerment